Next Generation Technology For Facial Fillers


Refyne and Defyne are the latest additions to the Restylane family. These two fillers bring new, advanced technology to the world of dermal fillers. Rather than replace existing Restylane fillers, Refyne and Defyne offer even more options for facial rejuvenation. So what makes Refyne and Defyne so different from any other filler on the market?

Unlike previous fillers that offer solely structure and support to various areas of the face, these advanced fillers offer flexibility in their structure to allow natural movements of the face. It does this by using XpresHAn technology. The ‘X’ in XpresHan stands for the use of cutting edge cross linking technology that allows control over the flexibility of the product. The ‘HA’ indicates that Refyne and Defyne are comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule naturally found in the body. Although new to the U.S., Refyne and Defyne were first brought to the market in Germany in 2010. They have since been used subsequently in 52 countries with a strong safety record and positive patient outcomes.  

There are a few differences between Refyne and Defyne. Restylane Refyne is used to treat moderate wrinkles and lines. This dermal filler has loose woven cross links in its structure. This allows for more flexibility and moderate support. Restylane Defyne is used to treat deeper wrinkles and lines. It is tightly woven in its cross links. This means it is less flexible and more supportive.

As an experienced injector, Dr. Ambay can customize a treatment plan that will address your concerns and yield maximum results. Whether you are new to the world of dermal fillers or consider yourself a seasoned pro, we are excited to extend our portfolio of products and offer you the latest in scientific advancements.

The best part about these next-generation fillers? People will notice you look great and rejuvenated, but won’t know why!