What Can Retinol Do For Your Skin?


Retinol is proven to be very beneficial when incorporated into your skin care routine, but what exactly is retinol and what can it do for your skin?

Well it’s simple, It is Vitamin A. As to what can it do for your skin, the short answer is many amazing things. Below are a few benefits of incorporating retinol into your daily skin care.

Fight Skin Aging & Sun Damage

One of the greatest benefits of retinol is that it can reverse sun damage on the skin and work to prevent further damage.

  • Retinol stimulates skin cells to make collagen. Collagen helps reverse wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Retinol exfoliates which brightens the appearance of your skin helping you look younger and flawless.
  • Retinol improves uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation leading to an even skin complexion.
  • Since retinol exfoliates, it gets rid of dead skin cells which can cause clogged pores.
  • Retinol can help prevent acne by keeping pores clear of dead skin, oil and dirt.


Retinol is a power product in our office. We recommend our patients start using it as early as 30 years of age. It is best to use as part of your PM routine. It should be applied before your moisturizer. As a rule of thumb, your skincare routine should always start with thinnest product applied and then progress to the thickest.

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