4 Myths of Botox Debunked

Botox has been FDA approved for 15 years now, but sometimes it still has a negative connotation when people think of it. It is a fast and minimally invasive way of treating wrinkles. However, some people still need more convincing of all the benefits. We're here to debunk all of your Botox fears and myths.

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Myth #1 Your face will look frozen

Fact: This is probably the biggest fear when people think about the after effects of Botox.  If you are being treated by a board certified dermatologist, a frozen face is something you should never have to worry about. Your board certified dermatologist will work with you to achieve a natural appearance while still eliminating the wrinkles and creases in your skin. Your wrinkles will vanish, but your facial emotions will stay!

Myth #2 It's not safe

Fact: Botox comes from a derivative of Botulinum Toxin A. Many people shy away at the word, "toxin", but it is completely safe when it is performed by a professional. As mentioned earlier, Botox has been FDA approved for 15 years now. This should be a clear indication on the safety of the product. Botox works to temporarily paralyze the muscles being injected into the muscle by blocking the nerves that allow muscles to contract. Botox does not roam through the body, and will only work in the area it is injected into. 

Myth #3 It will hurt

Fact: Botox is so appealing to people because there is minimal pain involved, the most pain you will feel during the procedure is a prick. Topical numbing cream will be applied to the area to make sure that the injection is as pain-free as possible.

Myth #4 You have to be older to get Botox

Fact: You don't have to be in your 50s and 60s to start getting Botox. Sometimes it is even better to start getting treatments a little earlier on in life for preventative measures. As wrinkles get deeper, you will start to need more Botox to fix them. 


We hope you've learned that Botox is not as scary as you may have believed. Some important things to remember are to stay away from "Botox parties", and keep your board certified dermatologist close by. If you would like to learn more information about receiving this treatment, contact us today at (813)406-4835.

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